GoBros, the minnesotan socks brand has boosted their email marketing channel revenue with a fully optimized automated flow strategy that increased 8x in flows revenue

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The ask

GoBros, a Minnesotan brand that sells socks for different outdoor activities from different brands at the best prices on the internet. They sell their products only online, without any physical store. They contacted Webmefy because they were looking for a Klaviyo expert to help with a technical issue with their Back in stock-flow and the Shopify theme, moreover to optimize their automated flows strategies to increase their revenue.

The solution

Due to they were using Klaviyo, but flows revenue only represented 1% of their revenue, we offered to help them by auditing their activated flows strategies and optimizing them to improve their results.

We started by auditing what they had implemented on each activated flow. From there we start to take as a reference the tone with which they used to communicate with their clients to integrate it into a new optimized strategy with the CRO methodology, to convert each email of the flows into transactional ones.

We define all the flows that we need to create to impact their customers during their journey at their online store to encourage them to convert. After this, we dropped down a roadmap with tactics to reach the goal and execute them month by month to increase flows performance.

Gobros >> Webmefy - Klaviyo flows optimization

Welcome series - one of the best performing flow, not only for the personalized content but for the frequency in order to impact customer and let them introduce to the GoBros brand experience. Flow revenue increased 3x

Gobros >> Webmefy - Klaviyo flows optimization
Gobros >> Webmefy - Klaviyo flows optimization

We optimize the content and apply the CRO strategy within the structure of the emails to make the emails of the automatic flows more transactional in order to convert more. Personalization was a main key strategy to improve flows' performance.

We focused on the "abandoned cart flows". We define according to the customer journey, each step that the customer takes until convert. So we determined the 3 purchase intention flows and implement different strategies on each one in order to encourage them to complete their purchase:

  • Browse abandoned
  • Cart abandoned 
  • Checkout abandoned
Gobros >> Webmefy - Klaviyo flows optimization

Add customers reviews was another key strategy that has helped to recovery browse and abandoned carts' flows, it is a way to boost the customer decision making by showing other customers satisfaction 


Within the flows, we defined certain rules in order to segment some specific customers and giving them an incentive to help them to finish their purchase.

IE. For someone who has abandoned their cart with an amount that was +$100, we send an email with a special discount to encourage them to complete their order.

Gobros >> Webmefy - Klaviyo flows optimization

We reinforce the retention strategy with certain flows that shows how the brand value their customers and humanize the brand.

Gobros >> Webmefy - Klaviyo flows optimization

We create some flow strategies to reactivate and re-engaged customers from the database that were inactive, moreover for those who doesn't want to receive communications from the brand, we create a sequence flow to give a last-call to be part of the list, then if they showed no interest, they were filtrated as suppressed. The aim is to constantly keep updated and clean the database and work with those who are really interested in the brand. This has helped to increase engaged profiles.

Gobros >> Webmefy - Klaviyo flows optimization

We did integrations between Klaviyo and third party platforms to create automated flows to keep reaching customers. E.g, "Judge me" platform integration: to reach those customers who left negative reviews to try to solve their problem and try to retain them and give the chance of a new satisfactory experience.

Also, we did work on the script integration on their Shopify theme to implement the "back in stock" button, in order to set up the back in stock flow to implement a strategy that segment vip customers  to alert them first and keep customers informed when they subscribed to any out of stock product, so the brand stop losing sales

Gobros >> Webmefy - Klaviyo flows optimization

The result: Flow performance last 6 months

Flow revenue increased
Open rate
Successful deliveries

Nowadays Klaviyo represents 42% of the total of their online store, which is a very strong channel to help their brand grow. 

After the optimization of flows' strategy and content, we have increased an 800% in flow revenue. When we started, flow revenue represented 1% for the brand and now it represents 9%.

Not only the revenue, but we have helped to increase the average order value (AOV) which is a great KPI to understand that customers are investing more in the brand and their carts are bigger.

We have improved flows' open rate. In some flows, we did work on A/b testing in subject lines to select the best content that takes users' attention optimizing the call to action.

Due to this optimization, flows are working automatically and are a key strategy that complements each email campaign that is sent from the brand  🚀 


Gobros >> Webmefy - Klaviyo flows optimization