With Klaviyo we increase the conversion rate of your email marketing campaigns

We help you improve the results of your email marketing campaigns and maintain a relationship over time with your customers by sending personalized emails, with the precise message, throughout their entire customer journey. To achieve its effectiveness we implement data driven strategies.

Klaviyo, the ultimate marketing platform for ecommerce brands

As a Klaviyo master gold partner, we help you get the most out of this platform to increase your sales and keep your customers engaged over the time. Through the collection of data from each of your users in real time we can send precise messages totally personalized based on what they need and are looking for. See how, through its different functions, we can help you increase the revenue of your mailing campaigns up to 3 times more than today.

Why Klaviyo?

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Setup and implementation

We help you migrate to Klaviyo, we integrate it with your ecommerce platform and prepare your account to succeed. We create strategies according to brand objectives and we implement it by leveraging all the functions offered by the tool to increase your revenue, enhance the relationship with your customers and increase their CLTV.

If you already have a Klaviyo account we can go through an audit to identify which is the currently situation of your account, we'll get in deep of your flows, segmentations, forms, and campaigns performance. After this, we can redefine your strategy accomplishing your goals and optimize your entire email marketing strategy. 


We can help with your list growth 

In the most dynamic way we help you build or increase your contact list with signup forms within your website. Based on the strategy to implement, we configure them with different parameters based on users behavior in order to capture them at the right time.

Beside, through these forms we can segment users to collect information of different variables that we would need to send more precise messages and campaigns, such as birthdays, product preferences and more.

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Klaviyo Segmentations

Divide and Conquer with Segmentation

Getting the most revenue out of your list isn’t about sending emails to people who aren’t interested. The goal it’s about growing your total number of engaged contacts and send emails to who are aiming and happy to received one. 
Through the advanced segmentation that Klaviyo allows us to carry out, we can increase the capacity for sending highly targeted, relevant emails to your customers, so in addition to converting your clients into recurring clients, we increase the results of your mailing campaigns.

Through specific email campaigns, we create segmentations based on different criteria, both interaction with your online store where we can identify products of interest, and the interaction of users with the emails who have been sent by the brand.

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Setting Up for Success With Email Automation

As Klaviyo Masters we help you configure and enhance your automatic message flows through particular actions carried out by your users, which are collected by events or metrics.

By this automation we promote strategies that help maintain a solid relationship with your customers, generating impact and presence throughout the customer journey. We automate important transactional messages, such as abandoned cart reminders, welcome emails, even profile reactivation through reconquest flows and we constantly optimize them to increase results, among the most important kpis: open rate, click, engagement and conversion rate of your emails.

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A/B Testing: we make sure to send the right message

We test new campaign ideas with small groups from your contact list to find out if the new campaign idea is going to be accepted and functional to ensure the best customer experience for your brand. Through these tests and analytics, we select the best performance content that your clients find most attractive for your emails and, in this way, we can increase the click and conversion rate.


Klaviyo integrates with the leading e-commerce platforms and different applications which will allow your business to continue growing exponentially. Also integrations with platforms such as Facebook to encourage the to customer acquisition through lead ads that will allow you to continue increasing the number of users of your database.

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From Webmefy, as Klaviyo masters we can optimize your email marketing campaigns and strategies and create the best customer experience for your brand

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