Intense Cycle is revolutionizing the MTB bike online shopping experience by offering an intuitive online shopping experience while reducing operating time and costs.

Intense cycle

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Intense Cycle, a leader in the MTB industry providing cutting-edge designs for pushing performance boundaries at high levels of competition, sought to optimize its online store experience and drive sales growth on its multiple sites. Moreover, to centralize their product inventory from online stores in different countries.

The work

Our team ensures customers have a seamless buying experience by optimizing and enhancing INTENSE cycle sites. We provide exceptional consulting, implementation, development services, and problem-solving capabilities to support collections and product management within the Shopify Plus platform.

Additionally, we strive for excellence by creating features that make web navigation simple yet compelling based on industry best practices combined with our valuable knowledge base.   

We work on the optimization and UX of multiple INTENSE cycle sites, offering consulting and advisory services and implementation and development at the front-end level. We support the client in managing collections and products, as well as in installing and configuring applications or means of payment and resolving problems or doubts about Shopify. On the other hand, we have developed several features that improve the user experience and make browsing the web simple and intuitive, based on the best practices offered by the market and our expertise. Some examples include the functionality to subtract VAT from those authorized entities after verification with the VIES, the development of a FAQ 2.0 with nested and drop-down options, or the customization of the checkout to encourage purchase through various CTAs.

We are currently developing a "FicheFinder" that will be integrated into the different stores through an iFrame and will allow the customer to buy spare parts for their bicycle just by entering the name and model of the same since it will show a diagram linking the different parts and giving the purchase option, without the user having a technical knowledge base.

In addition, we combine the management and upload of products by integrating a PIM with Sales Layer, which solves the problem that they had to centralize their inventory of products from the different markets in which they operate, as well as keeping it updated, with the appropriate currency and price, which helps the client to reduce time and administrative costs.

We add value by customizing the base theme and continuously improving it, guiding the client in the process.


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The result

Revenue Growth YOY
Conversion rate

We take the most of the Shopify Plus platform in order to provide the CX they are looking for. With the continuous support that we give to Intense cycle to optimize the operation of its online store, we have helped the brand achieve its growth objectives and offer the brand experience they are looking for so that its customers feel more engaged with the brand and allow them to boost their loyalty.

We strive to offer the best eCommerce solutions tailored to each client’s needs. Our team is committed to providing high-quality services and creating an enjoyable customer experience through our feature-rich applications and customizations.