Siksilk has scaled up its digital capabilities to expand into new markets, drive conversions and maximize growth. Their migration to Shopify Plus, UX redesign, and eCommerce marketing initiatives have enabled them to reach their ambitious goal.

siksilk mobile UI/UX optimization

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  • Migration
  • UI/UX Design 
  • Data Analytics
    • CRO
    • E-commerce marketing strategy
    • Ongoing support

The ask

Our high-flying e-customer, SikSilk, was looking to scale its business, improve its online presence and expand its brand to different markets. They are looking to optimize and create unique customer experiences with the brand and have sustainable growth. 

The solution

Webmefy has supported Siksilk’s brand in different areas, including data, technology, development, and marketing, advising SikSilk in strategic terms to boost the growth of its business.

We have migrated their online store from a custom development platform to Shopify Plus. We created an architecture that solves complex problems by involving many systems and components that enable optimized online shopping and sales. 


We have designed and implemented a front-end redesign based on insights extracted from customer behavior data and market research to ensure a seamless and intuitive user experience and navigation and an easy-to-manage and localized interface for SikSilk.

From a technical perspective, we have set up a centralized repository that allows for continuous deployments in all 18 sites, avoiding manual updates and reducing human error.

SikSilks' template has a high degree of customization. Some key functionalities that have been developed include a PDP notification informing users of the ETA depending on their IP address or allowing for color variants.

Recently, we are currently working on optimizing the site's performance according to Google PageSpeed tools to ensure a balance between a great UX and positive performance scores. Moreover, we have provided support with integrating payment methods (i.e., Klarna, ClearPay) and high-value applications, such as Nosto.

Regarding the latter, our developing team has been able to create personalized recommendation modules allowing clients to purchase bundled & related products in the PDP.

We have supported the customer service team with Zendesk/Gorgias integrations too.


We set up, extract and categorize Google Analytics insights and reports via Data Studio dashboards. We will recently carry out the migration to GA4. Regarding architecture, we have created a new scalable Shopify Plus architecture that simplifies all backend processes, having multiple storefronts separated per country (18 different countries) and keeping seamless backend integrations to manage products, orders, and fulfillment, which allows us to launch a new market within days, having synchronized the stock management across all stores via the set up of inventory control, having multiple warehouses as well. Also, the integration of a PIM helps launch new products and offers in all stores, maintaining all products in different languages and currencies updated in all stores simultaneously.


We have optimized the retention strategy by reactivating the customer database by creating, planning, and executing DTC marketing campaigns in the KLAVIYO platform. We have created a personalized campaign strategy by segmenting the customers with different criteria to send them relevant content to help to convert more with the different formats: email/Sms/push campaigns. We also executed the strategy within automatic flows to impact the customer during the customer journey. With the results of these actions, we analyze and optimize constantly. We also have integrated the loyalty program and reviews with Yotpo.

siksilk mobile UI/UX optimization

We have worked to optimize the principal areas of an eCommerce platform - The customer journey

Siksilk redesign customer journey

The image shows the old design version

Redesign showcase

After Webmefy created all its data architecture and constantly analyzed them, we focused on the fact that 9 out of 10 users visiting the online store are mobile users, so we found a significant opportunity to optimize its mobile version. Regarding this statement, we worked on a redesign proposal based on CRO & UX fundamentals and Heuristics from previous experiences.

Throughout the analysis, we implemented the best practices Using the 7 principles of Heuristic UX:

1. Relevant and coherent

2. Transmit confidence

3. Guide the user

4. Stimulate the user

5. Safety signs on the web

6. Comfort and convenience 

7. Confirmation and reaffirmation



Siksilk UI/UX optimization home

Product page

Siksilk UI/UX optimization product page


Siksilk UI/UX optimization menu page

Category page

Siksilk UI/UX optimization category page

Cart page

Siksilk UI/UX optimization cart page

The scope of this redesing case is the discoverability of items in the Siksilk online store, making it easier for users to find items based on what they are looking for. Therefore, the redesign includes creating a new flow and design for users to search items by category, showing shortcut tabs, a search filter, and personalized recommendations to minimize the process of finding and adding selected items to the shopping cart and converting more.

After defining the mobile design, we scale the design into the desktop version to unify the UI/UX to any device version.

HubSpot Video
HubSpot Video

The result

Global conversion rate YOY
Recurrent customers

Since this brand has migrated to Shopify Plus, we have made the most of this platform to help achieve Siksilk's goals. We deliver an ongoing growth service to this brand. Our services with them are very focused on optimizing its eCommerce ecosystem, which involves making changes and improvements to various aspects of the online shopping experience to improve efficiency, increase sales, and enhance the overall customer experience. 

This is how we made it happen:

- We have analyzed and understood its customer's needs and preferences. This includes understanding their pain points, frustrations with the current shopping experience, and their desired outcomes and preferences for how they want to shop online.

- We identify and prioritize areas for improvement. This could include making changes to the website's design and user experience, improving the product catalog and search functionality, streamlining the checkout process, or implementing new payment options.

- We implement changes and improvements based on data analysis and prioritization. This could involve redesigning the website, integrating new technologies and tools, or implementing new processes and procedures.

- We test and optimize the changes to ensure they have the desired impact. This could involve A/B testing different variations of different channels, including the online store, or analyzing metrics such as conversion rates and customer satisfaction.

- We continuously monitor and analyze the performance of the eCommerce ecosystem and make ongoing improvements as needed. This could involve regular updates to the website and other platforms and ongoing analysis and optimization of the shopping experience.

-We follow the strategy to create a seamless omnichannel experience to provide a unique experience between the brand and its customers.

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Tech stack:

  • Shopify Plus 
  • Nosto
  • Yotpo
  • Zendesk
  • Gorgias

  • Klaviyo
  • Google Analytics
  • Attentive
  • Tapcart